Back Bay Brewing Co.

Back Bay Brewery, located on Norfolk Ave in Virginia Beach in what has been know as a lumber mill, the old Virginia Beach Ice House, and most famously the original showroom for surf legends Wave Riding Vehicles.

Build entirely of Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar, which came from local trees that have fallen during hurricanes in the city of Virginia Beach. The unique metal feature on the wall was reclaimed in Creeds, Va where it lived its life overlooking the Back Bay Wildlife refugee that was where Back Bay Brewing owners were duck hunting when they came up with the idea of brewing beer.


Bartop , coffee table, dining tables, benches, barstools, drink rails, shelving, tap handles - All reclaimed Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar.  

Wall accents - reclaimed metal roofing

railings, sinks, and fixtures - salvaged from Norfolk, VA

build date: Winter 2013/2014


 Back Bay’s FARMHOUSE Brewing Co.

Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co. is located in the Woods Corner district of Virginia Beach. The house was built at the turn of the century by William E. Wood and has been in the family ever since.


Bartops, tables, and barstools all crafted out of Aromatic Red Cedar.